September 13-15, 2022 | Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan
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The Hub of Cutting-Edge Innovation & Latest Developments Set to Accelerate the North American Battery Market

Looking to develop your knowledge and take away practical insights from key players and thought leaders across the advanced battery and H/EV supply chain? Look no further. 

The Battery Show and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Conference features keynote speakers from industry thought leaders and top OEMs, 4 pre-conference workshops, and eight tracks of invaluable education which cover the latest developments in the EV market expansion, fast charging and infrastructure advancements, innovative battery design, thermal management, and newly added forecasts of the market supply chain and regulatory outlook.

Each session will help you to stay ahead of the competition by providing relevant information that you can make use of right away.

Conference Features

Keynotes & Leaders’ Roundtables

Each conference day kicks off with a notable keynote address followed by a roundtable panel of top industry leaders discussing the most important market disruptors of the last year and what they expect to see in the years to come.


Held one day before the expo, four 3-hour workshops explore topics in great depth and breadth, offering a detailed and interactive learning experience on core subject matters in advanced batteries and electric & hybrid vehicle.

Technical Sessions & Panels

Explore 30+ sessions of technical content and analysis given by one presenter, co-presenters or panels of industry experts exploring an array of topics from R&D to the latest industry trends and developments.

Lightning Talks

Select from 30+ (15min) rapid-fire presentations grouped together by a specific business, innovation, finding or manufacturing topic. Followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with the audience.

Conference Tracks

Battery Markets, Supply Chain & Regulatory Policy Outlook
  • Battery Markets, Production and Investment Forecasts
  • Regulatory Outlook on Battery Supply Chain, Safety, & Management
  • Battery Supply Chain: Material Sourcing & Next-Gen Materials
  • Recycling Economics, Total Life Cycle and Second Life
Battery Design, Application & Manufacturing
  • New Methods of Advanced Battery Design, Thermal Management, Testing and Safety
  • The Use of AI for Battery Longevity Prediction & Performance
  • Battery Application: Design Needs for Consumer and Medical Devices
  • A Look at US Battery Manufacturing Ramp up & Challenges
Advanced Battery Technologies and Evolution
  • Forecasts and Lithium-Ion Batteries and Beyond
  • Trends and Development Solid-State Batteries
  • Advancements in Emerging Battery Technologies, including Silicon Anodes, Lead Acid, Zinc- Based Chemistries
  • Commercialization and Evolution of Next- Gen Batteries
Stationary Power Advancements
  • Critical Power & Essential Power Installations
  • Energy Storage: Opportunities for Utilities Collaboration
  • Risk Management & Efficiency Improvement
  • Emerging Technologies for The Mitigation of Energy Storage
E/HV Technologies Industry Development & Forecasts
  • EV Development and Global Update on Supply & Demand
  • Supply Chain of EV Development and Sustainability
  • Fuel Cell Technology Developments
  • Regulations & Timeline Rollout
Transportation Electrification & Emerging Applications
  • Electrification of Commercial Vehicle Market & Development
  • Latest Developments in Fuel Cell Technology and Applications for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Advancements in Electrification of Specialized Vehicles: Aviation, Marine, Autonomous
  • Specialized Battery Needs for Emerging Markets
EV & Hybrid Design Advancements
  • Motor Design & Development Cycle
  • Battery Pack Design
  • Vehicle Structural Design & Power Electronics
  • High Voltage & Thermal Management
Fast Charging & Infrastructure Advancements
  • Deployments of Fast-Charging Infrastructure
  • Re-Charging Infrastructure for Fleets
  • Collaboration of Entire Vehicle Ecosystem for Infrastructure Development
  • Update on Regulatory Requirements

The event was fabulous--it covered everything I wanted to know about the latest and greatest technology improvements in batteries. Both the conference organizers and the attendees created a very friendly, comfortable, collaborative atmosphere--much more so than many technical conferences I've attended.


Lee Gasper-Galvin, PhD, WV PE
Owner, Galvanacar LLC

Excellent conference! Worth every penny!


Jessica Suda
Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

The best conference on energy storage, best speakers from industry leaders and easy access to everyone at the conference. I enjoyed this conference immensely.


Dr. Phillip Medina
Research Scientist, Almaden Research Center- IBM

2021 Keynote Speakers

Building the US Battery Market

Keynote Day I: Federal Efforts to Support the Lithium Battery Supply Chain and Sustainability

Speaker: David Howell, Vehicle Technologies Deputy Director - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy

Keynote Day II: LG's Vision of Electrification: Innovation, Evolution, and Collaboration

Speaker: Denise Gray, President, LG Energy Solution Michigan Inc. Tech Center

Keynote Day III: The Global Transition to Electric Vehicles

Speaker: Brett Hinds, Chief Engineer, Electrified Powertrain Systems Ford Motor Company

2021 Conference Speakers

The only event bringing together the battery and EV tech communities; a comprehensive conference delivered by distinguished industry experts, combining industry and technical content focusing on real world commercial solutions.

Dave Rich
BFO - BOM Family Owner 12V - 48V Vehicle Electrification and Tech Development, General Motors

Rick Thompson
Distinguished Engineer, Technology Strategy, Dell Technologies

Ak Srouji
Chief Technology Officer, Romeo Power Technology

Darren Palmer
General Manager Battery Electric Vehicles, Ford Motors

Peter Gibson
Vice President, Energy Storage, LG Chem

Christopher Michelbacher
EV Charging & Infrastructure Manager, Audi of America

North America’s most comprehensive advanced battery trade show, The Battery Show is a forum for advanced battery technology for the wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles, utility and renewable energy support, stationary power, portable electronics, medtech, military, and telecommunications.

A trade show exclusively dedicated to the drive train and power systems, the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo includes a conference and expo focused on the newest in design, charging and infrastructure for automotive, fleet, heavy equipment, marine, and aerospace electric and hybrid vehicles.