Save the Date: November 10–12, 2020


15 Takes on the Semi Future

The 57th DAC virtual event covered trends in chip design, AI, ML, open source, and battery systems; Wall Street forecasts; and manufacturing predictions out to 2030.

By: John Blyler, Aug 05, 2020

As with most conferences in this age of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 57th edition of the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2020 was a virtual one. Almost all of the content – except for a few of the panel sessions – were captured on video for asynchronous viewing for two weeks after the conference was over. Attendees could ask questions of speakers through a live text chat or through one-on-one meetings. This major chip development Electronic Design Automation (EDA) conference was as rich in content as any previous physical version of the event. The slideshow that follows highlights the variety and depth of this content from select keynotes, panel sessions and sampling of technical articles.


John Blyler is a Design News senior editor, covering the electronics and advanced manufacturing spaces. With a BS in Engineering Physics and an MS in Electrical Engineering, he has years of hardware-software-network systems experience as an editor and engineer within the advanced manufacturing, IoT and semiconductor industries. John has co-authored books related to system engineering and electronics for IEEE, Wiley, and Elsevier.