Euro Group to Exhibit in Novi for the First Time in 2017.


Euro group will exhibit in Novi for the first time in 2017. As a global player with a presence in Italy, Mexico, China, Russia, Tunisia and the USA, Euro group is a family owned and family managed group of companies with a 50-year history of progress and innovation in the lamination industry.

The commitment of Euro group to the E.V. drives market is demonstrated by its investment in a 97000-sq. ft. (9000 square metre) state of the art facility in Queretaro Mexico. Built alongside the existing factory, the new facility has a temperature, humidity and particle controlled environment to produce assembled stator and rotor cores using “in die” gluing technology. The specially designed presses and coil feeders are capable of handling ultra-thin steels down to 0.2 mm, utilising 3.7-metre-long beds to run dies with full orientation of the parts, amd stacking using glue and ejection to robotic packing arms.

Conscious of the need to provide the E.V. sector with low eddy current loss, cleanliness, dimensional accuracy and low vibration, Euro group has brought together its knowledge of die making, metallurgy, assembly and stamping to create a world class facility.

Visit Euro Group at booth #701 at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo from 12-14 September.