Exhibitor Spotlight - DMG meccanica: member of the GROB-Group

Ahead of September's Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, we spoke to Jochen Nahl, member of the board and CSO of GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG, who talked to us about the latest customer and market demands and what the future holds for the GROB-Group.

DMG meccanica has been operating since 1992 in the field of industrial automation, particularly to design, manufacture, and service automated stand-alone machines and production lines for the production of electric motors and automotive alternators. The technological know-how is based on the tried and tested winding process of inserting technology and needle winding. Most of the machinery of DMG meccanica is used directly in the automotive industry. GROB, in its own engineering department, develops and tests new processes for the manufacturing of stators for electric traction motors. The acquisition of DMG meccanica by GROB emphasizes more than ever its strategy in drive technology to be a leading and reliable partner for the automotive industry.

Which customer or market demands were the biggest drivers of your company's growth during the past three years?

With its highly complex manufacturing systems involving its own automation processes and its machining assembly units and fully-automated assembly systems, GROB has always been a reliable partner in the automotive industry. Against the background of automotive transformation and the increasing importance of electromobility, the number of inquiries fielded by GROB for projects involving electric drives has increased massively. Almost every car manufacturer now has hybrid or purely electrically powered vehicles in its range, and consequently GROB is currently developing several projects for electric drives in the international automotive industry.  

Do you anticipate that those demands will continue to be your biggest growth drivers for the next three years, or are you anticipating new trends?

In the automotive industry many points are currently motivated by political reasons. It is thus particularly important to evaluate things objectively, without losing sight for the needs of our customers. For this reason, however, we must understand all our opportunities as a partner of the automotive sector and show solutions for assembly stations with a high number of units. This is necessary with regard to combustion engines, as well as alternative drives and thus resulting derivatives.

What are your areas of R&D focus, and what timeline do you anticipate for bringing your next new products to market? Can you tell us anything about those products?

The technologies of DMG meccanica and the new processes developed by GROB will now enable GROB to provide all the vital manufacturing processes and procedures in electric drives for the automotive industry and its suppliers worldwide, and to supply them for series production in the near future.

Thereby, GROB works as a system integrator in all essential processes with regard to the manufacturing of e-machines, battery packs, and modules, as well as fuel cell.

We want to offer to our customers the ‘turnkey solution’. This is the strength of GROB today and will remain our business model for the future.

What new trends do you anticipate and what market demands do you see evolving/changing over the next five years?

At GROB, we have already evaluated the market trends of the automotive industry and their suppliers at an early stage, establishing our own department for the development of components and machines for the production of electric drives. Today, more than 50 specialists and development engineers work in this field. Working closely with well-known car manufacturers, they have begun advanced development of the vital "electric motor" and "battery module" components and analyzed the multitude of technology processes for the manufacture and design of the stators, bringing them to further development.

With regard to this market segment, it is our aim to support our customers on their way to e-mobility right from the beginning. It is our strength to develop such systems for a high number of units, implementing them on a worldwide basis.

What would you say are the key challenges and opportunities currently faced by the industry?

The key challenge for GROB is to understand the market and its needs for the future. Today, we clearly see that the market is in a consolidation phase. Therefore, we need to be sensitive on the changes and adjust our company to market requirements.

What products will you be featuring at the show this year and what response are you expecting?

DMG meccanica, in its new position as a member of GROB Group, will promote a complete range of machines and equipment for EV stator production focused on high automation level for labor cost reduction. Moreover, we will present our patented anti-twist system able to insert stators up to 22 wires in parallel, reaching the highest slot-fill ratio in the market. We look forward to meeting many automotive designers involved in EV motors development.

Why are you exhibiting and what connections do you hope to make at the show?

DMG meccanica, now a member of the GROB Group, will provide our current and potential new customers a much wider field of opportunities. Bringing this message to the market is the most important goal for GROB and DMG meccanica for the show.

DMG meccanica, a member of the GROB-Group, will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo at booth #857
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