HV Battery Module Connectors – Plugs Instead Of Bolts

KOSTAL KONTAKT SYSTEME GmbH is a company in the KOSTAL Group specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of electromechanical components, with the main emphasis on connectors. The company deals mainly with application-specific products for the automobile industry. For its customers, the added value arises from the company's system expertise supported by the wide range of technologies within the KOSTAL Group. 

KOSTAL KONTAKT SYSTEME has a long-lasting experience in the development and production of connectors for electric and hybrid vehicles produced by many world-famous vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Citroën, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, and VW. 

After a good experience in connecting the first generation of HV batteries, KOSTAL KONTAKT SYSTEME will start production of their series of optimized and smaller housing families for the new HV battery module connection systems. The basis for this development is the PLK 14,5 contact system that can handle copper and aluminum cables which can be ultra-sonic welded or crimped in a cross-section range from 16 mm² up to 70 mm². 

The 14,5 x 1,8 mm blade connector is integrated into the unit with touch protection. In addition, KOSTAL KONTAKT SYSTEME provides a standardized and assembly-friendly connection system. The overall design allows a continuous current up to 250 A in uncooled conditions. In the DC quick-charge mode currents from 350 A to 400 A can be realized over a period of 10 to 20 minutes. With additional cooling of the system these currents can be increased significantly. 

The requirements for every application are completed by the associated housings as a patent-registered, cost-effective, cable-free connection system or as a cable connection, mountable in 90° or 180° direction. 

Due to the uniformity of the tab-header design both versions can be plugged on. The modular concept solution can flexibly cover the grid dimensions of two plugs from 35 to 120 mm. Cable connections are recommended starting from 120 mm. 

All housings are easy to install without any tools. Therefore they also can easily unmated and mated in case of any service. 

An important advantage of module connectors is the compensation of the tolerances in the individual arrangement of battery modules. The actual used bolt and nut solutions are only suitable to a limited tolerance extension. The module connector ensures an optimal alignment and space-saving configuration of the entire battery system.

KOSTAL KONTAKT SYSTEME will be exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo at booth #805
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