ABM Drives Offer Custom Electric Vehicle Motors and Drives

ABM Drives offers low-voltage and high-current electric drive unit systems for OEM battery-powered vehicles, cranes, material handling, on-road applications, all-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, agricultural vehicles, and mobile construction vehicles.

ABM motors and drives are designed to travel long distances with highly efficient drive components and lightweight construction of all the components. The dynamic response and quiet operation of the drive unit system are designed to ensure optimal driving comfort. Robust construction guarantees long operation life in rough environmental conditions.

The ABM Drives’ asynchronous motor is designed for use in mobile traction drive units, a very economical alternative to a permanently excited synchronous motor. For auxiliaries and accessory equipment, the permanently excited, sensorless controlled, compact, and affordable Sinochron Motor is offered. The electronic control optimized for the specific application greatly reduces system losses for the entire operating mode and increases the efficiency of the entire system.

ABM Drives offers gearboxes, motors, brakes, and customer-specific drive control from one supplier. All components are optimally matched from project planning and design to manufacturing.

ABM Drives Inc are exhibiting at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo at booth 1218.
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