Achieving faster through-put, lower cost per unit, and consistent part quality from first to last with Boose Aluminium Casting Manufacturer

The Boose Aluminum Foundry located in Reamstown, PA has the largest automatic cope and drag molding machine installed in any contract manufacturing facility in the United States.

Are you having a part or component machined or fabricated because that’s the “way it’s done?” Or because you believe it to be the most affordable way? What if there is a process that provides a higher level of quality than you could ever achieve with your current process while also speeding up production times? Aluminum casting on an automated cope and drag line delivers these benefits and many more. If your part meets the following criteria, you may need to give us a call.

Read the white paper detailing this capability here and watch the video demonstrating its operation here.

Please visit us at booth #947 during the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle show in Michigan this September.